How to Critique with Judy Berlyne McCrosky

This skill is invaluable not only for the writer whose work is discussed but also for those making comments. This workshop will teach you how to examine a piece of writing analytically, focus on both strengths and weaknesses, and make comments that are constructive and not destructive. Through this process you’ll learn not only how to help other writers but also improve your own work.

The Creative Process
What goes on when a writer moves an idea onto paper? Where do ideas come from? Whether you’re new or experienced, understanding process will help you be more productive and will lead you into the discovery of richer and more unique writing.

Blue Pencil Session
This is a one-on-one opportunity with an experienced writer and teacher. I’ll read up to three double-spaced pages of your work and discuss it with you. First three pages suggested, 10 to 15 minutes per writer.


Has been writing and teaching creative writing for over 30 years, in a variety of genres. She has published in speculative fiction, literary fiction, romance, and non-fiction. She has also taught at the University of Saskatchewan, focusing on genre fiction.

“I’ve given a workshop on the creative process to employees of one of the most creative companies in the world, Google, and I designed and ran a creative writing program for HollandAmerica cruise line’s four-month World Tour cruise.”