Lynne Fahnestalk

Lynne spent most of her childhood drawing dinosaurs and purple bunnies. Since then her work has appeared in national and international publications, she has created a comic strip for cows, produced a science fiction colouring book andThe Really Silly Cartoon Book, and served as art director for three national magazines. She has also discussed composting toilets with Frank Herbert and penmanship with Harlan Ellison.

Lynne is a two-time recipient of the national Canadian Prix Aurora Award for Artistic Achievement. She is a professional illustrator, cartoonist, and sculptor. Her cartoons have appeared in numerous publications including Amazing Stories Magazine, On Spec Magazine, Polar Borealis Online Magazine, Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine, Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Fantasy Magazine, and Science Fiction Review. She also creates one-of-a-kind robot sculptures (from upcycled metal objects) which have been described as 3-D cartoons—and she likes that comparison.

Lynne lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, with her wonderful husband and a house full of amazing things.
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All prints of Lynne’s work are available for $35.00 (US), plus actual shipping costs determined at time of shipping.

All prints are taken from artwork done in traditional media (pen/ink, coloured pencil, etc.). No digital media were used.


Print Details

Image 8.75” w. x 10.5” h.
Paper 11” w. x 13.75” h.

Bev Doolittle: The Early Years
Image 15” w. x 7” h.
Paper 18” w. x 12” h.

Image 9” w. x 13” h.
Paper 12” w. x 18” h.

Flying Fish
Image 12” w. x 9.75” h.
Paper 14” w. x 12” h.

Geishas in Space
Image 9” w. x 12” h.
Paper 12” w. x 18” h.

Pest Control
Image 6.25” w. x 14.75” h.
Paper 12” w. x 18” h.

Robot Kabuki
Image 8.5” w. x 8.25” h.
Paper 11” w. x 11” h.

Towed Toad
Image 8” w. x 10.5” h.
Paper 10.75” w. x 14.5” h.

Image 5.5” w. x 15” h.
Paper 12” w. x 18” h.

What Once Was… What Will Be Again
Image 15” w. x 6” h.
Paper 18” w. x 12” h.