Special Events

We have arranged to present both an online Art Show and a series of pre-recorded concerts and musical performances (thanks to composer-conductor SP Somtow & our contributing artists).

These special events are not accessed through Zoom, but are instead hosted elsewhere and accessible via the links here and on the front page of the convention website.

The Art Show consists of an entry gallery featuring all of the artists in the show, linking to individual galleries for each artist and their works.  Clicking on an image in a gallery will produce a full screen presentation of the artwork.  Individual artists may or may not provide links to online stores where their work can be purchased.

The Concerts and Performances were gathered by SP Somtow from among his concerts and operas that he believes have genre-appeal; they are joined by pre-recorded performances by other artists as well.  This programming runs continuously throughout the event on a loop and may be accessed at anytime during the convention.  A complete schedule of performances will be found on the Musical Performances page when it has been finalized.

Paul Levinson will also be hosting a live performance of his new album Welcome Up: Songs of Space and Time on Saturday evening at 6 pm